Career Opportunities Of S4 HANA 2022

S4 HANA replaces ERP business suites with an analyzed tool called HANA.


It reconstructs its ERP solution (ECC) from the ground to take the advantage of HANA’s performance. S4 HANA is the shorter version of Business Suite for HANA, which is the fourth version of the ERP business suite.


The next-generation business suite of ERP is S4 HANA which is made in a simplified way specifically to work with HANA and to replace the ECC/ERP. Simplification of data is done into a single table by replacing the core tables, this can be achieved.


The candidates who dream to become successful SAP HANA consultants then work on SAP certification for better opportunities. In S/4 HANA, Customer & Vendor are integrated as a “Business Partner” which can be termed as (CVI – Customer Vendor Integration). HANA Database is speed from fewer distinct values and parallel processing as it is column-based in S/4HANA. In S4 HANA only line item tables are used rather than summary tables and index tables. Within the S4 HANA environment, BW and BPC can be embedded.


HANA (High-Performance Analytic Appliance) is an application that uses an in-memory computing database technology that allows the system to process massive amounts of real-time data in a very limited time. This helps businesses to react more quickly to changing conditions, providing significant strategic benefits. HANA’s core feature is an innovative and column-based Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), which is used to store, redeem and process data on core business activities. 

HANA reduces the memory usage factor and improves performance as it uses column-oriented storage which combines Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) and Online Transaction Processing (OLTP), as the speed of them will drastically change with the design of HANA.


Does SAP HANA has a future?


Yes, obviously SAP HANA has very good opportunities in the future. According to some experts, SAP HANA uses innovative technology that lasts for two-three decades. SAP has released a new version called HANA which acts as the platform and database. In this, all the applications will operate in the future. We can expect a good amount of salary packages who are SAP certified professionals.

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