Complete Overview of ERP MM

What is SAP MM?

SAP MM (Materials Management) is the biggest module in SAP ERP Central Component It provides the company with inventories, materials, and warehouse management capabilities.

The main aim of SAP MM is to make sure that material and inventories are kept in proper quantity, without any gaps or shortage in the organization. SAP MM helps other SAP users to complete the purchasing of goods in a particular time and effective cost way which is able to deal with daily changes in these processes. And it also helps supply chain professionalsIt covers all the tasks in the supply chain including planning, invoice verification, consumption based planning, and vendor evaluation.

SAP MM is the most important thing of the SAP ERPCentral Component. Material Management (MM) goes together with other modules example:-SAP PP, SAP SD and SAP QM. There are various levels which can be defined as SAP MM whose implementations are:- plant, storage location, client, purchase organization, andcompany code.

SAP MM is also used for inventory management and procurement. It can be divided into five parts:- production planning, control, materials management, quality management, and plant maintenance. The main function of Material Management (MM)includes inventory management, classification, valuation, assignment, batch management, and purchasing.

SAP MM is the logistic key area in SAP. This is the most important component of logistics in SAP. It is highly integrated. It is an essential element of logistics. SAP MM is the most important module of SAP ERP software.

SAP MM is a main module of the SAP ERP ( Enterprise Resource Management) system, which manages the complete inventory management process and material supply of an organization. It is all about managing the materials. It is the resources of an organization. Resources include materials and manpower. SAP MM is integrated with all
other components of SAP logistics.

The components of SAP MM includes: MM purchasing, MM inventory management, MM consumption based planning, MM information system, MM electronic data inter-exchange, and MM invoice verification

SAP MM Training

Features of SAP MM

The main features of SAP MM includes:
1. It handles both inventory management and raw material management.
2. It helps to improve the efficiency of procurement activities.
3. It always ensures that there is no shortage of material in the supply chain.
4. SAP MM pushes productivity while it reduces all the procurement costs.
5. It handles different business aspects, for example: warehouse management, invoice clarification, material validation, material requirement planning, procurement material validation,and vendor evaluation.

SAP MM is the most beneficial thing. Nowadays when there are always new demands and expectations of customers. This is the most beneficial. It enhances overall inventory management. It eliminates and minimizes the inventory losses. It also minimizes the manufacturing cycle times, SAP MM increases the transparency of inventory management, It reduces expenditure on storing unwanted materials, SAP MM reduces time and labor spent on maintaining inventory, and it also improves product delivery time.

SAP MM is the most important thing in this generation. In the business SAP MM is to maintain the right stock at the right time. It automatizes procurement activities and material management.There are various types of procurement’s in SAP MM. “Basic procurement”:- This is the procedure of buying suitable materials and services in the right quantity at the right time. There are two steps in basic procurement, gathering information and contacting suppliers. And the other type of SAP MM is ” Special procurement”:- These are the product which do not belong to
the company are special procurement, example:- Pipeline handling, consignment stocks, and third party processing

What are the scopes of SAP MM Jobs in 2023?

Till now, we only told you about SAP MM and there components, types, and benefits. Now we are going to tell you about the career scope, eligibility, types of MM certification, and salary of SAP MM consultant. So, read the whole article to know all of these things.

SAP MM is the best career option in today’s generation. This is the most professional course in the IT industry. This is the best certified course which has ever been made. If you are opting to do SAP MM, we want to tell you that you have a great choice and a great future. There are the
highest pay jobs in the ERP market. If you do the SAP certification you have the best career choices. There are various career options after doing SAP MM certification. After doing SAP MM certification you can become a SAP MM consultant, SAP team lead, logistic manager, supply
chain specialist, SAP associate, plant maintenance analyst, purchase executive, material manager, and a SAP functional analyst in materials management. All these posts are the highest paid posts in the whole IT industry. For example, the average basic salary of a SAP MM
consultant is Rs. 71,222 per month. SAP MM consultants are the most demanding post in the SAP industry. But the salary also depends on the experience and skills. If you are experienced you can also get more Rs. 80,000 per month. The highest paid salary of an SAP MM consultant
is more than Rs. 1,50,000 per month.

SAP modules, currently they are the most demanding in the IT industry. The most demanding SAP modules are SAP FI, SAP SD, SAP PP, SAP ABAP, SAP HCM, SAP MM, and others.That’s why all are the highest paying jobs. And SAP MM is the main part of SAP ERC central component. The key responsibility of SAP MM is to supervise business diagnosis and planning activities. There is a great scope in SAP MM. Anybody can apply for the SAP MM job who is having a professional degree in computer science, business administration or engineering. To work as a SPA MM you should have a great business knowledge and experience in procurement, inventory, purchase, vendor management, and material handling.

There are various types of SAP MM certification programme’s for students which includes: SAP Ariba procurement, SAP S/4HANA sourcing and procurement, SAP S/4HANA sourcing and procurement – upskilling for ERP experts, and SAP S/4HANA cloud (public) – procurement implementation. So, this was all about SPA MM. We have shared every single piece of information about SPA MM with you. So, stay tuned with us.

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