Production Planning is a part of the ERP Module that deals with the Tracking and keeping a record of all the manufacturing processes and flow of a business right from the raw materials stage to the finished goods stage.

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What is Production Planning PP?

Production Planning is a part of the ERP Module that deals with the Tracking and keeping a record of all the manufacturing processes and flow of a business right from the raw materials stage to the finished goods stage. 

Professionals who finish this course would be able to handle the everyday production and planning of this product in any product manufacturing company. This can be boutiques, IT, Software, Tangible products, etc., If a company has a product, it needs a Production Planning team and the PP module in ERP makes the job easy and smooth.

PP is the component of ECC (ERP core component) and it is a very important module of ERP.

Who can learn this? (Eligibility Criteria):

The minimum qualification for anyone who wishes to learn the PP module of ERP is a graduate degree. This can be anything from BTech, Bcom, and even Bsc graduates are preferred too.

Also, it is very important that the candidate has a basic understanding of computers and working on one. Apart from that, everything else will be taught by our expert faculty.

Outcomes of learning the course:

Once you are done with the course and certified with ERP Production Management, you would be able to

  • Work on the PP module.
  • Have a clear understanding of various data elements of the PP module
  • A decent understanding of integration with finance and product costing
  • Implement ERP production planning solutions in relevant areas.
  • Understand what is planned order, Production order, and Operation managements
  • Knowledge of project system 

Course Syllabus :

The course syllabus covers topics such as;

  • Introduction to ERP, and production planning
  • PP detailed structure
  •  Basic Data that covers Material Master, BOM, Routing, and so on….
  •  Sales and Operations Planning
  •  Master Production Scheduling (MPS) and Material Requirement Planning(MRP)
  •  Production Execution such as Order Creation, Order release, and Order control.
  • Integration of PP with other modules
  • Important PP configuration such as MRP controllers and production Scheduler, planning strategies, MRP Group, and MRP Areas and
  • Lastly, the Production Planning tables overview.
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Course Syllabus :

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