Is Python Worth Learning 2022?

Python is today’s most popular programming language globally, with millions of developers implementing it. It is easy to learn, execute, fast, and open source. The technology world moves fast, and programming languages are trending. Python is the popular language today, but will it be the most successful in 2022?


Even though it is 2022, many of us can’t hesitate to say Python is the best programming language. It is one of the most common languages that help in web development, data science, machine learning, and many more. Here is the roadmap to guide freshers and developers who are looking to kickstart their careers in Python.


Most of the students will learn python and javascript in the future. Also, so many companies are promoting this language as their compiling and execution has an affordable difference.


  • Python 3.7, the latest version of the python language, was released in June 2020. It features new APIs and improvements for data science, as well as support for several new programming paradigms.

  • Python 3.7 also includes a new standard library, designed to make it easier to use third-party libraries. It also uses async/await, which improves readability and is a stepping stone to Python 4’s async/await.

  • Python 3.7 will be around for a while, but Python 4 is fast gaining ground. It’s coming later in 2021, and Python 3.7 and Python 4 can coexist in the same code base.

The language is very simple, that anyone can learn the course but with any stream. Any degree students can take this course for their bright future. However, this is the beauty of python programming compared to other languages. Oftentimes, Python course is recommended for those, who have just started making their career way into the IT field. Everything is simple enough to learn. And yes, Python is the best programming language.

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