HANA Career Opportunities

HANA is the fastest growing technology, it became a widely popular technology in no time. The main reason behind HANA being popular as it is considered by the industries as a key for in-memory database and administration capabilities. HANA is the fastest data processing software that is developed by ERP.

HANA offers the user services like advanced analytics, business transactions, mobile experience, collaborative business, design connections, etc.

Here are some of the reasons why people prefer HANA Training in Hyderabad over other courses,

1. Possibility to receive the high package

2. Greater career opportunities ahead

3. Get certification at any stage as your job is secured

4. You will have a less stressful life.

Scope Of HANA Career In India:

There is a vast scope for HANA in the career prospects in India. Fact is, India is the 3rd largest user of HANA technology. Major industries offering career jobs related to HANA in India are:

1. Finance

2. Banking

3. Human Resource

4. Recruitment and Staffing

5. Manufacturing

6. IT Field, etc.

Salaries for HANA in India ranging from 1LPA to 15LPA.

Career Growth In HANA:

Experts state that HANA ensures the best career growth who are looking to get trained in this field. The demand for HANA professionals is growing day by day as it provides the best database that most companies are looking for. If you want to begin your career in HANA, here are some of the areas you can look to specialize in:

SAP HANA Modeling:

If you want to specialize in this role you can also add BW on HANA skills required for shining in this role. By getting a professional certification you will have a chance to enhance your career.

HANA Application Development:

For this role candidate requires knowledge of ABAP which is helpful to get succeed in this role.

HANA Database Administration And Security:

For this role, you should be able to manage backup, recovery, security, general administration, and performance on the database of the HANA.

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