Top 5 Reasons Why ERP Certification Is Important

What is S—-A—-P?

Firstly, S    A     P is known as Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing. ERP Training involves in-depth knowledge of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) products, which is used to analyze data from other areas such as business intelligence, supply chain management, and customer relationship management functionalities.

ERP Certification is one of the most important certifications in the Information Technology (IT) world. The value of ERP certification is increased day by day for the freshers, and employees who are looking for good pay.

Different Types of ERP Training courses:

  • Functional: Functional ERP training mainly focuses on Business Intelligence (BI), Sales And Distribution (SD), Finance Accounting And Controlling (FICO), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Business Objects (BO).
  • Technical: Technical ERP training focuses mainly on a comprehensive programming language using Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP).

Candidates who are eligible for ERP Training and Certification:

The candidates who need to be graduates from,, can benefit more from the certification program, and also the students from master’s degree will also be beneficial especially for the finance background students. Learning ERP courses will be very beneficial for the candidates who are looking to work for IT companies. Here we discuss some benefits of the ERP Certification course:

Top 5 reasons why ERP Certification is important:

  • Job Opportunities: Everyone looking to get a good job in a reputed company. The range of opportunities for a candidate with a complex skill is essential to enter into the IT world. The candidate with Certification in ERP will be helpful for the fresher who is looking to join a reputed company and this certification is also important for the working professionals who are in this field.
  • Reputation: A candidate with ERP certification will create a strong impression on recruiters that your skillset includes ERP training, and it also helps to get a good image among your colleagues and employers. Everybody would like to see themselves as a reputed professional in their life. Gaining knowledge in ERP and be a certified professional helps an individual to get a reputation in the IT industry.
  • Promotion: It is a proven fact that a candidate with ERP certification is paid high when compared to a candidate without a desired skillset. To reach a higher position in the company, a candidate with the desired skillset will act as a ladder to reach more heights. There is a higher chance to get promoted who is having immense knowledge in ERP.
  • Salary: The best part of ERP certification is there is a higher chance to get excellent remuneration. Every individual will strive hard to get money because money is the ultimate solution for all the problems. So in this situation getting a certification from a course will help them to get higher salaries.
  • Finally Why Global Coach?

Global Coach IT Academy is the leading ERP training institute awarded as the best training institute of the year 2020, which offers different modules in ERP which is beneficial for the individual who is looking for certification courses in ERP. More than 250 students got placed in the last year by taking a training course in ERP

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