ERP MM Features and Business Process

What is SAP MM?

SAP MM‘s key purpose is to ensure that supplies are constantly kept in suitable quantities and that there are no shortagesor gaps in the organization’s supply chain.It also assists supply chain experts and other SAP users in completing goods purchases in a timely and cost-effective manner, as well as dealing with day-to-day changes in these operations.

SAP MM is a significant module in SAP ECC that is part of the logistics function and plays an important role in a manufacturer’s supply chain. It works in conjunction with other ECC components such as Production Planning (PP), Sales and Distribution (SD), Plant Maintenance (PM), Quality Management (QM), Finance and Controlling (FICO), and Human Capital Management (HCM).

sap mm features and business process

1.1Features of SAP MM:

  • It is capable of handling both material and inventory management.
  • Ensures that there is no material scarcity in the supply chain process.
  • Aids in the acceleration of material management and procurement activities.
  • It aids in increasing production and lowering expenses while accommodating for rapid changes in a corporate environment.
  • It assists firms in dealing with a wide range of business issues such as procurement, master data, material value, inventory management, invoice verification, material requirement planning, and so on.

1.1.2. SAP Business Process:

  • SAP MM is an abbreviation for SAP Material Management system. The following are the functions of SAP MM in a business process:
  • A business process is referred to as a “module” in SAP.
  • SAP MM is a logistics function that aids in the management of an organization’s procurement activities.
  • It assists with all elements of material management (planning, control, etc.).
  • It is the foundation of logistics, consisting of modules such as Sales and Distribution, Production Planning, Plant Maintenance, Project Systems, and Warehouse Management.


  • A SAP ERP component that assists enterprises with material management, inventory management, and warehouse management in the supply chain process.
  • SAP Material Management is the full form of SAP Material Management.

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