Top 20 ERP MM Interview Questions

1. What are the types of special stocks available?
Subcontracting, consignement, pipeline, project, sales order, RTP, stock transfer ,third party.

2. What are the types of inforecords?
Standard, consignment, subcontracting & pipeline.

3. What is meant by consignment stock?

The stock supplied by the vendor is in the company’s premises with the company
having no liability for the same. The liability for the company will only be affected
when the goods are issued from the consignment stock for use.

4. What are the steps involved in the consignment cycle?

Create consignment info record. with proper tax code, create Po with item category “, maintain output condition record for KONS, process GR, no invoice verification done, but settlement is done through MRKO transaction.

5. Tell me about the subcontracting cycle?

The Po is created with item category L , the goods are transferred to the subcontractor by 541 movement. for this movement note no accounting docs take place. When GR is done automatically, 541 movemnt takes place which take care of the consumption of components from stock.

How are the by products taken care of in subcontracting?
You can add these by products in the BMO for the header matl.

). What is meant by scales?
Can scales be used in standard purchase order? You can fix a price in the info record
for a say qty from 1-100 price RS 150 & if the order qty is 101-500- the prices is 140 . Scales cannot be used directly in PO but can be pulled into the PO from various
master data like info record, Quota arrangement.

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